The Top Level Of Professional Basketball On Both The International And National Level

A fast-paced game that requires a lot of strength and agility, as well as tactics and strategy, is the real definition of basketball. Whenever someone mentions basketball, we all think about NBA, and some people would also think about Euro League. These two competitions represent the peak of this sport, where the NBA has the best players and the best teams. International cups, like FIBA Basketball World Cup, do exist but the quality of the game is somewhat weaker than in those two leagues mentioned above.

FIBA Basketball World Cup

FIBA Basketball World Cup

This is the biggest and most prestigious international basketball competition that attracts millions of fans. The top ranking basketball nations gather to play against each other in this tournament. Nations gain the right to compete on this level through continental competitions and Olympic Games.

A total of 24 teams competes in this prestigious cup, out of which 18 teams have to go through qualifiers. The host team doesn’t have to go through qualifiers, as well as the current Olympic Champion.

FIBA aka International Basketball FederationFIBA aka International Basketball Federation has the right to give a wild-card entry to four nations. Those teams failed to qualify for the tournament, but the quality of their basketball is high, and FIBA believes that they can compete on equal terms with those that did gain their entry through qualifications.

Another prestigious international competition is the EuroBasket, which is same as World Cup but just on the level of Europe. The quality of European Basketball makes it second largest general basketball assembly. The top six teams from this competition gain a direct ticket to the FIBA Basketball World Cup.

NBA and EuroLeague – Top national basketball leagues

NBA is the pinnacle of professional basketball and there is no doubt about that. The best players from all national leagues train, and work hard, in the hope of becoming a part of this American League. And it’s safe to say that NBA players play the most attractive form of this game. Dunking is very common in NBA, while it is somewhat rare in other competitions. The number of professional stars and rules makes it possible for those players to execute fast and eye-catching attacks. A lot of strategies comes into play as well, but many prominent players have freedom to build their own game.

For player to become a part of an NBA team, they have to go through drafting. This process happens every year, and people join drafts either from College League or other countries and their leagues.

EuroLeague is the most prominent basketball club league in Europe, and second only to NBA, on an international level. Top clubs from all European national leagues play in this competition throughout the year. A club that joins this contest can’t play in their domestic league, as the number of games they would have to play, would exceed the realms of possible. Basketball that you can see in this competition is a bit slower than in NBA, as tactics mean more due to the diversity of teams.