Major Tournaments In Baseball

As soon as someone mentions baseball, all of us immediately think of the USA. Even though many countries have their leagues, we have to admit the roots of this game are in the USA, especially in their two leagues, National and American league. The season of baseball ends in the World Series, one of two biggest tournaments in this game, the other being WBSC Premier12.

World Series is a competition between teams and it happens at the end of every season and WBSC Premier12 is a contest between nations, and like any other international tournament, it happens every four years.

World Series – the pinnacle of baseball

baseballThis contest symbolizes the end of a season, starting back in 1903. The finals between two teams consist of best of 7 playoffs, where those teams play games, one as host another as a guest until one of them scores four victories. The first team that reaches four wins is automatically a winner. Note that those wins do not have to be consecutive.

TThe winner of World Series receives the Commissioner’s Trophy which features thirty flags that represent teams from two American leagues. But this award only came into existence after 1969, and before that, both leagues awarded their champions based on the overall league results. This year is monumental because it saw a thorough reorganization of American baseball leagues in divisions. This concept is present in NBA, which invented it a long time ago. Winners of every division from both leagues (four in total) would play in best of five, later in best of seven. Winners from both matches would advance to World Series and compete for the trophy.

The introduction of the World Series was a trigger that changed the face of the American baseball as we knew it. The American baseball league, before the 1960s, consisted out of 16 teams. The league expanded in the 1960s to thirty teams, which were divided into two leagues and divisions with each of those two.

WBSC Premier12 championship

This cup is a rather new competition, being that the first tournament was in November 2015. The hosts were Taiwan and Japan, and the winner was South Korea, while the runner-ups were the USA and Japan. This competition is very interesting since it gathers the top twelve ranked national baseball teams, which play against each other in groups. Later on, the best teams go to semi-finals and the finals.

This tournament is the successor of Baseball World Cup and World Baseball Classic. WBCS stands for World Baseball Softball Confederation, and they are the creators of this competition. The primary goal behind the creation of Premier12 is to promote this sport and to reintroduce it to 2020 Olympics. Baseball was a part of Olympic Games but eventually was removed from the list of sports. This tournament should act as the biggest baseball competition on the international level, and if Olympic committee reintroduces this sport to Olympics, then it would serve as a qualifying tournament for Olympics.

WBSC Premier12 championship