Biggest International And National Tournaments In Football

No matter in which country you go, and what city you visit, there will be at least one football team, and it will have a large base of fans that support the team and watch all of their games. Even if their team is in fourth or fifth national league, its fans will cheer, and they won’t give up on them.

Some people play for teams that have no chance to reach the top, but they enjoy in the game, which is the most important thing. But all professional football teams have goals, and many of those goals include big tournaments.

High caliber football competitions

FIFA World CupThe best and the most watched football championships are on the international level, where the greatest competition is the FIFA World Cup. 32 nations attend this cup which is held every four years in a different country. The host country is the only team that has a free seat in the competition, while other teams have to compete in minor tournaments to earn the right to enter FIFA World Cup. Nations seek their place in this final tournament through continental competitions. The number of countries from each continent is decided by the overall success of teams from the same continent.

The second most prestigious football competition is the UEFA European Championship. This tournament has its host, just like FIFA World Cup, and some nations have to go through qualifiers to earn their place in the competition. The football played in this tournament is high, and countries invest a lot of money into this contest. Countries that have no chance at the FIFA World Cup spend everything in this tournament as it is their only chance to compete at that level

Another important and quite famous international football competition is the Copa America, in which countries from both American continents compete.

The most beautiful football is found in European tournamentsThe most beautiful football is found in European tournaments

UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League are two tiers of the same competitions that gather the best team out of all European national leagues. Both of these two Cups have two parts, the group part, where teams play against each other in roles of both the host and the guest. The second part of these competitions is the knock-out phase where the winners and those that came into second in groups play in best out of two games

The most beautiful football is found in European tournamentsThe number of teams that participate in UEFA Champions’ League group phase is 32, eight groups of four teams each. Some of those teams earn their place through national league rankings, while other teams have to go through playoff rounds. Teams that end in the first and the second place in those groups enter into the knockoff phase, where they play against other teams in a two-game decider.

The team that ends up in the third place in a group gains the right to continue their European tour in EUFA Europa League. This tier of competition consists of up to 64 teams, and in general, lower quality of football is seen in those face-offs.