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Great Things About Baseball

An excellent thing about baseball is that you can scale it down to play with fewer players. You can even play it with just two or three people, but that won’t be a pure form of this sport. Kids that want to play baseball can play it on fields that are scaled down for them. As they grow up, they can play on larger fields that require more athletic prowess.


About Sport In General

Every kid should play some game, no matter how strange it is. We talk about football, basketball, and baseball because they are the most known and played sports, but other games are there as well. Sport is a good way to battle many things, including obesity and therefore everyone, should play something. An excellent thing about many games is their adjustable scale. Football requires 22 players, but you can play it with ten people, on the smaller playing field. Same goes for other sports as well. You can aim at becoming a professional, or you can play for fun and enjoy in socializing and competing with your friends.

Great Things About Football

Football is everywhere, in every school and every corner of the world. Gather several friends and create makeshift goals and the only thing you will need is the ball. Or, start training as a kid, and if you are good at it then you can aim at youth leagues, and you just might eventually end up in a professional football club. This sport is a great way to socialize and stay in shape, as it requires a lot of interactions with other players as well as running.

Great Things About Football
Great Things About Basketball

Great Things About Basketball

Basketball will build you up from scratch. Start training basketball, and you will feel the changes in your body, changes like the amount of stamina you have and hand-eye coordination. If you aren’t a fan of basketball and you don’t believe that you can play on that level, then you can play street basketball. This form of this sport requires fewer players, and you only need one part of the basketball court, and that means less running and, some claim, more fun.



    The Top Level Of Professional Basketball On Both The International And National Level

    A fast-paced game that requires a lot of strength and agility, as well as tactics and strategy, is the real definition of basketball. Whenever someone mentions basketball, we all think about NBA, and some people would also think about Euro League. These two competitions represent the peak of this sport, where the NBA has the best players and the best teams. International cups, like FIBA Basketball World Cup, do exist but the quality of the game is somewhat weaker than in those two leagues mentioned above. This is the biggest and most prestigious international basketball competition that attracts millions of fans.

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    Biggest International And National Tournaments In Football

    No matter in which country you go, and what city you visit, there will be at least one football team, and it will have a large base of fans that support the team and watch all of their games. Even if their team is in fourth or fifth national league, its fans will cheer, and they won’t give up on them. Some people play for teams that have no chance to reach the top, but they enjoy in the game, which is the most important thing. But all professional football teams have goals, and many of those goals include big tournaments.

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    Major Tournaments In Baseball

    Even though many countries have their leagues, the pinnacle of this game is in the USA, and their two leagues, National and American league. The season of baseball ends in the World Series, one of two biggest tournaments in this game, the other being WBSC Premier12. World Series is a competition between teams and it happens at the end of every season and WBSC Premier12 is a contest between nations, and like any other international tournament, it happens every four years. This contest symbolizes the end of a season, starting back in 1903.

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    Sport Is The Way To Go

    No matter which game you choose, it’s better to be an active person rather than an individual who spends all of their time sitting and doing nothing. Sports we will talk about, football, basketball, and baseball, are all interesting and they all have advantages that draw crowds to courts and fields. We will do you a favor and list some of the benefits of these sports, in the hope that you will start enjoying in one of them and teach your children to play them as well. Baseball is one of those games that don’t require perfect physical prowess, but this doesn’t mean that it is easy to play.



Darren Nash

“Obesity was a problem that made me depressed, and I stopped hanging out with my friends. But they found a solution for that – baseball. We started hanging out in parks, and my mental, and physical state improved. Right now I play baseball on a weekly basis and I love this sport” says Darren Nash


Sharon Castro

“As a girl, I found it hard to play games because my friends weren’t interested in that. It was impossible to play the majority of sports, but basketball was a game that I fell in love immediately. It was easy to find other people who want to play with a girl some street basket” explain Sharon Castro


Jack Halcomb

“Football is a game I play on a regular basis for last 30 years. I started playing as a kid, and the game became my favorite pastime. I always knew that I couldn’t become a professional, but the joy of scoring a goal is something that makes me euphoric” says 32-years old Jack  Halcomb